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Project Description:

The eLearning Leadership Program, co-developed for Transport for NSW, focused on improving four core leadership skills for the organisation's 25,000 employees. Comprising 16 eLearning modules split across four programs, the project provided practical scenarios, activities, and self-reflection opportunities to foster real-world application of new leadership abilities.


Serving as an eLearning developer for Transport for NSW's Leadership Program, responsibilities included:

● Reviewing and updating draft curricula.
● Creating relevant, accessible content in collaboration with L&D experts and Subject Matter Experts.
● Designing engaging exercises and evaluations.
● Ensuring content accuracy, quality assurance, and alignment with organisational objectives and industry standards.

Tools Used:

Key tools that contributed to the project's success were:

● Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop and Illustrator) for graphics.
● Articulate 360 for interactive content development.
● Microsoft 365 for collaboration and document management.
● Vyond for animated video creation.

The combined use of these tools allowed for the crafting of an innovative and comprehensive learning program to enhance leadership skills within Transport for NSW.

Target Audience:

The program was particularly aimed at people leaders across the organisation, tailoring the content to their unique needs and roles.


The project had a medium budget, balancing cost-effectiveness with quality.


Transport for NSW



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