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Project Description:

The interactive eHealth mobile app was designed to support Community Healthcare Workers and pesticide handlers with both online and offline functionality. Tailored for remote and unstable network conditions, its dual functionality enhanced engagement and ensured availability in various circumstances. The app's offline accessibility promoted uninterrupted user experiences and digital inclusion. Features like gamification, randomised timed questions, and high-score dashboards enriched the user experience, broadening usability across diverse scenarios.


● Analyzing user needs and defining learning objectives.
● Designing human-centered interfaces and learning experiences, including gamified elements.
● Ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements.
● Implementing strategies for online and offline accessibility.
● Evaluating design effectiveness and making adjustments.
● Coordinating with team members to create targeted content for ● Community Healthcare Workers and pesticide handlers.

Tools Used:

The project employed a range of tools:

● Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe XD, Sketch for interface design.
● Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects for visuals.
● Figma for prototyping.
● Trello for task management.
● Google Suite, Slack for collaboration.
● React Native for app building, GitHub for version control.
● Confluence for documentation.
● Google Analytics for tracking engagement and performance.

Together, these tools supported an innovative design process and strategic alignment with project goals.

Target Audience:

Initially focused on the Pacific Northwest of the USA, the app's universal design allowed it to have a global impact. Its success in the region served as proof of concept, leading to plans to tailor content and functionality for various global contexts. The strategic approach aimed to transform the app into a globally accessible resource, empowering healthcare and agricultural communities worldwide, and reinforcing global health and safety standards.


Medium to High





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