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Rail Traction

Project Description:

The Certificate III in Rail Traction project, delivered for Transport NSW and Sydney Trains, was a comprehensive Learning & Development effort. It covered all units of competency for the certification program, including tools like Competency Mapping, Facilitator and Learner Guides, Workbooks, and Slides. With a focus on practical exercises and structured materials, the project aimed to equip learners with essential knowledge and skills for the rail traction industry, ensuring alignment between learning outcomes and assessment needs.


Responsibilities within the project included:

● Analysis: Determining the certification program's specific needs.
● Design: Crafting the structure and components of learning materials.
● Development: Creating various learning tools.
● Collaboration and Consultation: Aligning with stakeholders.
● Evaluation and Revision: Ensuring quality and relevance.
● Compliance and Accessibility: Meeting legal requirements and ensuring accessibility.
● Documentation: Maintaining a clear record of all activities and decisions.

Tools Used:

Microsoft 365, including Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive, was utilised to facilitate the project.

Target Audience:

Rail Traction Apprenticeship Program




Transport for NSW



Work Sample:

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